La inspiración necesita enfermedad, heridas y locura.
Chuck Palahniuk

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What i love about finn#is that he never tries to convince rae that she’s beautiful#he never says things like ‘you’re not fat’ or ‘you’re beautiful to me’ or ‘you’re beautiful you just don’t know it’#and i love that about him#he obviously finds her beautiful - the way he looks at her#wants to kiss and touch her and make her feel good#he loves everything about her#and he doesn’t try to convince her of her physical appearance and i’m not sure if it’s because it doesn’t matter to him#to convince her because he just likes her and that’s that#or because he knows that she doesn’t believe it and that’s something he accepts#will wait until she gets there#whatever it is#i love that he never tried to convince he that he thought she was pretty#to him she was and that’s it

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my ascent into adulthood